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 Welcome to The Get-Away! Read here first.

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PostSubject: Welcome to The Get-Away! Read here first.   Sat Apr 18, 2009 3:39 am

This forum was born from the ashes of Absurd Foolishness and hopefully it'll act as a suitable replacement for you guys to enjoy.

This forum basically acts as a "get away". There are other forums and places people go that are quite strict with their rules and regulations and sometimes you just want to be a bit more relaxed.

At The Get-Away, we'll let you have a much more laid back forum experience, but be aware, that if you do take it too far, we will take action. We want this forum to be enjoyable, not vile.

Welcome to the forums anyway, feel free to post a welcome thread and then just enjoy what we have to offer.

Thank you.

-The Administration Team.
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Welcome to The Get-Away! Read here first.
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